If you are looking for a little magic, literally, then look no further and catch STL’s very own Amanda Lindsey!

Amanda Lindsey has been performing her act full-time for over four years and produces astonishing feats of magic.  She started to get into magic when she was 8 and performed her first magic show at age 11.  She graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with two Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communications and received her Deaf Communications Certificate while finishing her Masters in Counseling.  Her magic resume includes everything from working with bands, performing a private dinner in Las Vegas, to children’s birthday shows, carnivals, and much more.  She has worked hard to become a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians, Chicago Magic Round Table, and The Academy of Magical Arts.


Allow her to increase your business by creating more customer loyalty.  Let her build rapport through magic to your guests.  She has charm and charisma that allows her to make any guest of honor (such as a birthday celebration, anniversary, or retirement party) to feel special.


Every event and restaurant business is very busy.  Having Amanda Lindsey can be very valuable while your guests are waiting for their food, drink, or check to arrive at the table.  She can be especially utilized when something goes wrong in the kitchen! *Kids and teens will put their phones down to experience her magic!


With her great laugh, smile, and personality, guests are easily drawn to Amanda Lindsey.  When she performs, she produces an ambiance to the venue that leaves people laughing and wanting more.